december colmar

Handmade crafts take center stage at many of Germany’s Christmas markets. At these outdoor extravaganzas, you can locate treasures like glass ornaments, nativity figures, wooden toys, hand-woven woolen goods, and traditional sweets like gingerbread and stollen.

1. Cologne‘s Christmas market features traditional wooden nutcrackers and other wood crafts like pipes, toys, ornaments and dolls.

2. Dresden is one of Germany’s oldest Christmas markets, operating since the 15th century. Look for handcrafted wooden toys and traditional ceramics.

3. Frankfurt‘s market has been operating since the 1300s and is one of the largest today.

4. Lauscha in the Thuringian forest, is known for its gorgeous blown glass ornaments. Check out the local glass museum to see breathtaking historic examples.

5. Trier lines its medieval streets with stalls featuring hand-blown glass, wooden toys, and other treasures.

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