I have a cool story to tell you.
Earlier this summer, I had my head down, working hard on the launch of my online course on Etruscan art.
One day, out of the blue, I got an email from someone in the regional government of Tuscany. It seems that, all the way across the pond, they caught wind of my excitement over the ancient Etruscans—ha!
What followed was a generous—in fact, irresistible—invitation. And a plane ticket.
So—thanks to Regione Toscana and their tourism office, tomorrow evening, I’m boarding a plane for Rome. And Thursday through the weekend, I’ll be taking a deep dive into some newly uncovered and off-the-beaten-track Etruscan destinations across Tuscany.
I’m joining a few other colleagues to visit some really cool places, including:
-A newly discovered Etruscan necropolis at Frassinello
-The ruins of the ancient Etruscan city of Rosselle
-The hot springs of Bagno Vignoni
-The renowned Etruscan collections at Chiusi
-A couple of smaller archeological museums
After that, I’ve tacked on a couple of extra days for some book-related research in Florence and Urbino. I’ll be sharing that with you as well.
Needless to say, I can’t wait to get started on this adventure.
I invite you to come along with me by following me @lauramorelliphd on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter over the next week.
Each day, I hope to be able to share with you something new, something cool about the ancient Etruscans, so I hope you’ll join me on social media later this week. A presto!
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Have you discovered any surprising Etruscan destinations during your travels? Drop a comment below. I love to hear your stories!


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