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About the book:

Richly painted maiolica ceramics from Tuscany. Supple Florentine leather. The cameos of Naples and the Amalfi Coast. Parmigiano-Reggiano, the king of cheeses. Jaw-dropping glass from the island of Murano. MADE IN ITALY takes you on a complete tour of the dazzling artisanal legacy of Italy, uncovering off-the-beaten-path destinations and one-of-a-kind, hidden workshops where everything from leather bags to gilded frames are turned out completely by hand, piece by piece.

Laura Morelli, art historian and trusted guide in the world of cultural travel and authentic shopping, leads you behind the tourist traps to discover some of Italy’s most traditional arts. Laura holds a Ph.D. in art history from Yale University and shares how, what, and where to buy; hints on recognizing quality and authenticity; and tips for bringing home the artisanal treasures of Italy in your suitcase.

This book includes instructions for getting a free copy of the companion guide, ARTISANS OF ITALY, with complete, continually updated listings of Laura’s personally recommended shops and artisans across Italy.

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Delicious to read and artfully photographed, as appealing as the beautiful Italian products that it so enticingly describes. —Traditional Home

Full of historical information, advice on avoiding scams, and ways to pack it all up to take home… —House & Garden Magazine

Offers travelers a complete guide of what to buy where. —“Leather-Bound Edition,” CNN Radio

This beautifully illustrated and instructive shopping guide will lead you to the “best of the best” of Old-World artisanal traditions and handmade crafts. —Endless Vacation

Laura Morelli’s Authentic Arts series

About the course:

One of the most frequent questions my readers ask is how they can come home from Italy with a great work of leather–maybe a jacket, handbag, wallet, or desk accessories. High-quality leather is synonymous with Made-in-Italy style, but deciding what to buy and from whom can be overwhelming.

For more than a quarter century (!), I’ve been helping travelers sort the treasure from the trash when it comes to selecting a high-quality leather souvenir. For the first time, I’ve put my tricks of the trade in a 5-part video course.

Until March 15, I’m unlocking How to Buy Leather in Italy free for readers of my book, Made in Italy. At midnight EST on March 15, the course will go to its regular price of $149.


Italian cities overflow with leather goods synonymous with Made-in-Italy quality and style. But…

• How do you know if you’re buying a high-quality, handmade item? • How much to pay? • And how do you know if you’re being ripped off?

What You’ll Learn in this Course

  • Why high-quality leather is synonymous with Made-in-Italy style
  • What a typical leather shopping experience is like in Italy, and why yours will be different—and better
  • How leather has been a part of everyday life in Italy since ancient times
  • How it was used to make everything from military armor to books
  • Why the making of leather was considered one of the most unsavory trades
  • Why leather is such an extraordinarily complex topic, touching culture, history, fashion, economy, and the very core of Italian self-identity
  • The three main tiers of today’s Italian leather industry
  • Current challenges for Italian leather-makers
  • Pros and cons of buying luxury-branded leather goods
  • How to locate authentic leather artisans
  • How to discern a high-quality piece of leather
  • How to read the label, and what the terminology means
  • How to develop your senses to judge leather quality
  • How to use insider knowledge to separate the treasures from the trash
  • How to locate high-quality leather in boutiques, street markets, artisan workshops, factory outlet stores, and other venues
  • Where you should NOT buy
  • How much to pay, and how to know if you’ve paid too much
  • How to avoid common scams
  • How to ensure you’ll go home with a piece you’ll treasure years from now
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