Amazon recently sent me an email saying that because they had identified me as an “influencer” (what a funny word) they were offering me a Laura Morelli Store on! Everyone who emails me to let me know how much they love Italian style, art, fine food and drink, and a home filled with creature comforts, can now find many things I love in my very own Amazon store.

There are lots of authentic “Made in Italy” items in my Amazon store. Check it out!

Where can I find…

From the espresso maker I use, to my go-to reading glasses, favorite comfy chair, home accessories, and favorite Parisian tea, you can find many of the things I love in my Amazon store. There are lots of art books (surprise!) and also some of my favorite office and kitchen tools.

As an author of shopping guidebooks, collecting beautiful things has always been an occupational hazard for me. And as an introvert and work-at-home junkie, online shopping is one of my favorite pastimes. I love Amazon for the huge variety and convenience of shopping online. I’ve had a blast curating some of my favorite things all in one place.

My favorite reading glasses… I have about 10 pair scattered around my house. Check them out in my Amazon store!

In short, my Amazon store is like a style board for my life.

Some of the items in my shop are pricey, others very affordable, still others in between. I receive a tiny commission on each sale, but more than that, your purchase demonstrates that you want me to keep doing what I do. Thank you! And, I truly hope you find something that speaks to you, that enhances your life in some small way, or that helps you find a perfect gift for someone you love.

And, if there’s something that you think I’ve overlooked and belongs in my store, let me know. I welcome your suggestions!

What would you like to see in my Amazon store? Comment below!