A Shopper’s Guide the Region’s Best Native American, Hispanic and Western Craft Traditions

This is a flat-out fantastic book … it just may be the most surprising – and perhaps even most important – road trip book of the year.
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Part of the fun of traipsing through the Southwest is searching for that perfect piece of pottery to commemorate the trip … But author Laura Morelli has done the legwork for us.
–Denver Post

Laura Morelli has put together a totally unique shopping guide that will help anyone who wants to go home with the best of the Southwest.
— Pierre Wolfe, America’s Dining & Travel Guide Radio




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The American Southwest is home to some of the most beautiful and enduring craft traditions in the country. From turquoise bracelets to rustic benches, Native American pottery to hand-woven rugs, Made in the Southwest presents a buyer’s guide to the best the region has to offer.

The first part of the book explores the three different traditions of the region–Hispanic, Native American, and Western–and looks at the range of styles, influences, and objects that emerge from each, from cowboy boots and hats, to leatherwork, pottery, and more. Part two consists of state-by-state listings of the best artisans, stores, and sources for the crafts. Each state (Arizona, Southern California, Southwestern Colorado, Southern Nevada, New Mexico, West Texas, Southern Utah) is introduced with a brief explanation of the influences and history of the region’s craft production, and the listings feature towns known for the richest traditions and the most thriving markets.

With advice on how, what and where to buy, hints on recognizing quality and authenticity, advice finding the best deals, and a calendar of craft festivals throughout the region, Made in the Southwest is the definitive guide to the arts and crafts of America’s most colorful states.

Made in the Southwest
A Shopper’s Guide the Region’s Best Native American, Hispanic and Western Craft Traditions
Universe (a division of Rizzoli)
ISBN: 0-7893-1382-0