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About The Last Masterpiece

In a race across Nazi-occupied Italy, two women—a German photographer and an American stenographer—hunt for priceless masterpieces looted from the Florentine art collections.

From the USA Today bestselling author of THE NIGHT PORTRAIT and THE STOLEN LADY

In the summer of 1943, Eva Brunner is taking photographs of priceless works of art hidden inside the salt mines of the Austrian hinterland. Across the ocean in Connecticut, Josephine Evans is working as a humble typist at the Yale Art Gallery.

When both women are called to Italy to contribute to the war effort, neither imagines she will hold the fate of some of the world’s greatest masterpieces torn from the Uffizi Galleries and other Florentine art collections in her hands.

Inspired by the incredible true story of the looted Florentine art collections during World War II, The Last Masterpiece takes readers on a heart-pumping adventure up the Italian peninsula, where nothing is as it seems and some of the greatest works of art and human achievement are at stake.

About Laura Morelli

LAURA MORELLI holds a Ph.D. in art history from Yale University and is an award-winning, USA Today bestselling historical novelist. Laura has taught college students in the U.S. and in Italy. She has covered art and authentic travel for TED-Ed, National Geographic Traveler, Italy Magazine, CNN Radio, and other media. Laura is the author of the popular Authentic Arts guidebook series that includes MADE IN ITALY. Her historical novels, including THE NIGHT PORTRAIT and THE GONDOLA MAKER, bring the stories of art history to life.

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