Laura Morelli TED-Ed sound check

I’m excited to be back in the sound studio today, recording narration for a new TED-Ed lesson!

The new lesson is about Venetian gondolas, a topic near and dear to my heart, needless to say!

Stay tuned for updates. You’ll be the first to know when the lesson goes live on the TED-Ed website and YouTube channel.

Laura Morelli TED Ed sound check


Is there a difference between art and craft, and if so, what is it? Have a look at my TED-Ed lesson and let me know your thoughts:

The original TED-Ed lesson can be found here. Thanks for watching!


Here’s the final video lesson, The History of the Venetian Gondola. Let me know what you think!

Laura Morelli's 5 Things to Bring Home from Venice

What questions or comments do you have about the history of the Venetian gondola? Drop a comment below. I love to hear your stories!