Artisans of Naples & The Amalfi Coast

Artisans of Naples & The Amalfi Coast

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Laura Morelli leads you beyond the souvenir shops for an immersive cultural experience that you won’t find in any other guidebook. Artisans of Naples & the Amalfi Coast brings you inside the multi-generational studios of some of the region’s most authentic makers of cameos and coral jewelry, limoncello, nativities, and more. If you’re reading on your Kindle device, tablet, or smartphone, you can click directly on their street addresses for an interactive map, and link to their web sites and email addresses directly from the guide.


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Authentic Arts Made in Naples and the Amalfi CoastArtisans of Naples & the Amalfi Coast is the eBook companion to Laura Morelli’s Made in Naples & the Amalfi Coast. Put both books together and you’ll be among the most educated travelers in Italy!

Artisans of Naples & the Amalfi Coast: Where to Buy Authentic Cameos, Capodimonte, Coral Jewelry, Inlay, Limoncello, Maiolica, Nativities, Papier-Mâché, & More, Made by Traditional Neapolitan Artisans
Laura Morelli’s Authentic Arts (Authentic Arts Publishing), 1st edition 2015
ISBNs: PDF 978-1-942467-09-0, epub 978-1-942467-11-3, mobi / Kindle 978-1-942467-10-6


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