Made in Venice

Made in Venice

Going to Venice?

Don’t buy anything until you read Laura Morelli’s books! If you’re traveling to Venice, Italy, you want to go home with a special souvenir: a carnival mask, handmade paper, or a beautiful piece of Murano glass. But selecting what to buy can be an intimidating experience. Art historian Laura Morelli is here to help.


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Artisans of Venice by Laura MorelliFREE Offer: Buy a print or ebook copy of Made in Venice, and get the companion guide, Artisans of Venice, free! Just follow the link inside your copy of Made in Venice to get your free book.

Made in Venice is the companion to Laura Morelli’s  Artisans of Venice. Put both books together and you’ll be among the most educated travelers in Italy!

Made in VeniceA Travel Guide to Murano Glass, Carnival Masks, Gondolas, Lace, Paper, & More

Laura Morelli’s Authentic Arts, 1st edition 2015
Paperback 978-0-9893671-3-4
epub 978-0-9893671-5-8
Kindle 978-0-9893671-4-1


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