Doors of Florence, Italy

Some of the most impressive examples of Florentine woodwork are reserved for doorways, so keep your eyes open for these breathtaking works of art. Most visitors will be led to Lorenzo Ghiberti’s famous bronze doors of the Cathedral Baptistery. However, even some of Florence’s most modest wooden doors leading to homes or businesses might be elaborately carved, then ornamented with beautifully crafted hinges, locks, doorknobs, doorknockers, and studs of bronze or iron.

Every church in the city boasts beautiful doors that usually incorporate masterful works of wood and metal. In my opinion, though, some of the most amazing doors in Florence are those that once secured the city walls, and led from one quarter of the city to another. The wooden doors of the old Porta Romana and the Porta San Frediano, for example, stand some ten times the height of a grown man, and incorporate carved wooden panels, giant metal bolts, and impregnable-looking locks.

When you travel, do you pay attention to architectural details? Have you discovered any great doors in your own travels? Drop a comment below. I love to hear your stories!


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