I’m watching huge, wet April snowflakes fall outside the window of my study this morning! It’s a good day to brew some tea and work on my latest project: producing an audiobook edition of The Gondola Maker, my historical novel set in 16th-century Venice.

I am a big fan of audiobooks and I know many of you are too. I’m looking forward to getting the audio version out for those of you who enjoy books in the car, at the gym, while walking the dog or doing chores.

I’ve had a wonderful response to my call for a professional narrator to portray the voice of Luca Vianello, the 22-year-old son of the most renowned gondola maker in Renaissance Venice. If you have a few minutes to listen to the following audio clips, I would love your feedback!

Who is the voice of Luca? Click the links below to hear the auditions:

Audition 1

Audition 2

Audition 3

Audition 4

Audition 5

Comment below and let me know which narration you like best.

UPDATE: Click here to find out which narrator I chose!

I am so grateful for your feedback. Thank you, friends, and buon ascolto (happy listening)!