I’ve had so many book-related events recently that I decided it was high time to organize a “book signing bag” that stays packed and ready to go whenever I am giving a talk, joining a book club, or headed to a bookstore event. Now I won’t forget my pen or other important stuff.

book signing bag for web

Thanks to Hannah Williams of @happystrangers (who I met serendipitously at a book club event just as I needed someone to take a picture) for taking this beautiful photograph!

Here’s what’s in my bag:

  • A gorgeous ball-point pen, a gift from one of my husband’s Japanese business colleagues. It’s hefty, has beautiful woodgrain and—best of all—bears a magnetic cap that makes it oh-so-clickable
  • A stack of business cards and another set of cards with information about one or more of my books
  • A small pad of personalized notecards and sticky notes for jotting down notes or sharing tidbits of information
  • A nice cover for my iPad (I leave my worn-out cover at home) and some screen wipes
  • My Square Reader, which allows people to pay for extra books with their credit or debit card. (Some folks rarely carry a checkbook or even cash, but most of us have our plastic handy!)
  • A few extra copies of my books, just in case

Fellow authors, do you have a “book signing bag,” and if so, what’s in it? Drop a comment below. I love to hear your stories!