Happy summer, friends! I’ve been busy this summer revising drafts of a new novel. I’m so excited to share a little bit about it. Also, I need your help!

The Painter’s Apprentice

A tale of forbidden love, family secrets, and the transformative power of art

Carlo Crivelli detail Pieta

“I am scraping golden flakes from my palette knife when I get the news that the pestilence has reached the quarter of our Most Serene City where my father’s workshop lies.”

In 1510, the daughter of a gilder is apprenticed to one of the most renowned painters in Venice. But as the plague begins to ravage the city, a devastating secret threatens to unravel everything she holds dear: her work, her family, and the man she loves. While the future of her family hangs in the balance, the painter’s apprentice must decide if she is willing to risk everything to follow her passions.

The Painter’s Apprentice is a prequel to The Gondola Maker, my award-winning historical novel set in 1581 Venice.

The Gondola Maker by Laura Morelli

My wonderful cover artist Kerry has been working on a couple of different concepts for the book cover. Before finalizing a design, I would love your feedback!

Which book cover do you like best?

The Painter's Apprentice Option A
The Painter's Apprentice Option B


Comment below! Which book cover do you like best and why?

I am so grateful for your feedback. Thank you, friends!